AI is Not Our Enemy : Embrace the Future

Concern 1: With the new wave of better LLM models, such as ChatGPT, people have started wondering again: will AI take our jobs?

Inventions like calculators, computers, AI, etc. are intended to reduce human effort, thus job losses in some existing fields are obvious. Sam Altman and Reid Hoffman, the founders of open AI, have been vocal about this issue.

But should we fear these inventions or celebrate the advancement they have brought in human life?

Like many other optimists, I too believe that AI can free us from the burden of trivial tasks and aid us to focus on more complex and significant challenges, such as discovering new sources of renewable energy, developing better medicines, exploring the universe, and creating better governance systems, and so on. If it takes away jobs in one field, it also has the potential to create jobs in other areas.

Credit: DALL-E

Concern 2: Some people fear AI will surpass human beings.

I believe that this idea is unrealistic until AI-powered machines demonstrate the ability to collaborate with other machines and create an infinite source of energy for themselves without human intervention. However, to keep AI ethical, humans must focus on maintaining their guardrails around it.


Instead of fearing AI, let’s learn, embrace, and enjoy it. I have found the following papers, books, and courses extremely useful:

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