SQL server 2012: Kill SSIS package Execution in Integration Services catalog

Problem: How to kill a SSIS package execution in the Integration Services catalog?

Solution: This can be achieved via two methods i.e. using GUI or TSQL. The GUI is very slow in fetching list of active sessions so you can use TSQL to kill the SSIS package session.

Use following script to Kill SSIS package in Integration Services catalog:

–change “YourpackageName” with the actual package name
DECLARE @package_name SYSNAME =‘YourpackageName.dtsx’
DECLARE @execution_id BIGINT

SELECT @execution_id = Max(execution_id)
FROM   ssisdb.catalog.executions
WHERE  package_name = @package_name
AND end_time IS NULL

SELECT @execution_id

EXEC ssisdb.catalog.Stop_operation
@operation_id =@execution_id  

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