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Exam 70-461 Notes – Grouping Sets

Posted by Pramod Singla on March 23, 2017

  1. Data Analysis function can be either a group function or a window function.

  2. T-SQL Supports 3 clauses that allow define multiple grouping sets.These operators can generate the same result set as when you use UNION ALL to combine single grouping queries.Here and here are the Details.

    • ROLLUP

    • CUBE

    • Grouping Sets

  3. Rollup is used where hierarchy is formed in the input columns like for Country,Region,city.

  4. Grouping


    Excepts one input and returns 0 if element is in grouping set else 1

    Excepts lists of columns as input and return a integer representing bitmap.

    GROUPING is used to distinguish the null values that are returned by ROLLUP, CUBE or GROUPING SETS from standard null values.

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